Saturday, January 31, 2009

Am I Ulysses? No, but you are now, boy

This lovely cotton dress was conceived in the halcyon summer days of 1969. She grew up on a VW bus for the first five years, her parents finally settling down in South-Eastern Alberta to farm mushrooms. The normal kind. When she turned 18 she set out on her own journeys, recalling the lovely moments of her childhood. After travelling through the Far East, she settled in Saskatoon with us to take advantage of Saskatchewan's stellar Arts Board. She's wanting to keep on trucking, however.


Cherry Lane Jane said...

what a beautiful find! love the dress and her description:)

Belua Designs said...

Great dress and great photo :)

BarkerBell Herbs and Heirlooms said...

I absolutely adore the dress! The pic and description is even better than the dress.