Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New (to you)! Cape

This vintage cape was forged in the basement fires of one of the DIYers of old, circa 1968. It was an extra in a variety of United Artist films in the early 1970s before realizing it was not meant for a life of film sets and aspiring stardom, retiring to a closet in Saskatoon in 1974. It came to stay with us in 1997 after a row with its previous roommate. While we love our dear Red Tweed Cape to distraction, we know that it seeks new adventures abroad, and so we offer it to a dear new home that will love it as much as we have.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

First Post!

Hello! First post! We've just opened an Etsy and we're trying to get people interested in our merch. If you click on any of the photos, they'll take you right to the Etsy page. I know, I know. Monster Post. But we'll say some more interesting things, too. Promise!

turquoise jacket
Size XL

bat wing jacket
One Size

pink donkey jacket
Size L

turquoise suede jacket

gold clutch

silver clutch

1960s Headscarves

Peach Draped Blouse
Size 8

Snakeskin blouse
Size 22

Blue Blouse
Size L

Black and Silver Blouse
Size 42

Geometric Blouse
Size 14

Purple Peasant Blouse
Size 18

Star Blouse
Size 14

Polka Dot Blouse
Size 16

Rodeo Blouse
Size 13/14

Turquoise Blouse
Size 14

Sequined Shirt
Size 14

Zebra Stripe Dress
Size 12

Periwinkle Dress
Size 12

Peach Dress
Size 14

Size 16

Double-Breasted Peach Dress
Size 16

Polka Dot Dress
Size 11

Sequin Dress
Size 16

Black Halter Dress
Size 13/14